About Us


Prodigy Uniforms exists because we are passionate about the uniform business and we strive each and every day to create an experience for our customers that is both enjoyable and seamless.


Prodigy Uniforms was founded in 2008 by a team of individuals with a long history in hospitality, food service, personnel management, and the uniform and apparel industry.  Taking that knowledge, Prodigy Uniforms was created as a niche web-based company that serves a wide array of customers:

- Hotel

- Restaurant

- Culinary Institution

- Wedding Apparel

- School Orchestra

- Catering Company

- Resort

- Housekeeping

- Security Company

- Spa

- Casino

- Banquet Facility

- Theater

- Valet Parking

- School Band

- Hospitality Company

- School Choir

- Food Service Company

- Movie Production

- Culinary School

We created prodigyuniforms.com to be customer focused with straight forward prices, easy to understand shipping & returns, and an easy to navigate online shopping experience.   We know what works and what doesn't, and we understand that your budget and need for quality items is very important - and we intend to deliver above and beyond your expectations.  Whether you're searching for tuxedo shirts, aprons, 50 chef jackets, or just a single bowtie, we are here to serve you. We aim to make it simple and fast to purchase your uniforms!  Place your order online or over the phone at (760) 888-2999.